Charlene Yarger Staff Photo
Subjects Taught


  • Sophomore English at Rhea County High School, 2010-2012
  • School Librarian, Spring City Elementary School, 2013-present
  • Member of  TASL (Tennessee Association of School Librarians) organization, 2011-present
  •  VSBA Intermediate committee 2014-present 
  • Audrey Pack Memorial Library board member December 2015-present
  • Rhea County Library board member July 2017-present


Charlene Yarger is currently the school librarian at Spring City
Elementary School. She received her Bachelors’ of Secondary Education with endorsements in English and History, as well as her MSE in Instructional Technology with a School Librarian Endorsement from the University of Nebraska at Kearney. Before joining the elementary school, she worked at Rhea County High School in the English Department. Yarger is a member of Tennessee Association of School Librarians (TASL), where she has served on a few committees. Currently, she is serving on the VSBA Intermediate committee. Yarger recently joined the board for the Audrey Pack Memorial Library in Spring City as well as the Rhea County Library Board. She loves to read, and enjoys the opportunity to interact with students on a daily basis, and tries to positively impact them and hopes to increase their love for reading as well.