How to Access Front Row at Home   

Front Row is an online program we use to practice reading, vocabulary, and word skills. Students can practice this as much as they would like at home! The link to Front Row is:

Class Codes:






How to Access Story Works at Home  

1. Go to

2. Click sign in and then click student

3. The password is morton4th

**This gives you access to all passages that we read in our Story Works magazines. We will be using this magazine a lot throughout the year and I'll always let you know when we use it on the newsletter. 

This Week In Reading   

February 12-16, 2018

This week, we will studying poetry. Students will read poems, pick out rhyming words, rhythm, repetition (words that repeat), figurative language like similes, metaphors, and idioms, and the theme (lesson learned). In 4th grade, students need to be able to read a poem, understand what it means, and tell how the rhythm and rhyming words add to the meaning. We will be finishing up our study of poetry this week.

Reading skill focus: Poetry, Rhythm (beat), Rhyme, Repetition, Theme or lessons  learned from poetry


Vocabulary skill focus: Suffixes -ible, -able (able to), -ion, -ition, -ation (the act of)


Students made a study guide of these in class today. If they bring it back signed by Tuesday, they will get 5 extra points on their vocabulary quiz.