News from Room 604

 October 16, 2017

Dear Parents and Guardians, 
We are back on regular schedule

Dates to Remember:
Oct. 25---------Parent teacher conferences ------Call for an appointment
Skills for the week
Math :multiplying                                    

Test: Oct. 19             multiplication  6's (15 oral facts)
Test: Oct 26              multiplication  7's (15 oral facts)
Practice sheet in folder.

Social Studies: Landforms
Test: Oct
17----- States in ABC order--capital, abbreviation & location-- Spelling Counts!!!!
Montgomery, Alabama/AL          Little Rock, Arkansas/AR             Phoenix, Arizona/AZ
Juneau, Alaska/AK                    Sacramento, California/CA           Denver, Colorado/CO
Hartford, Connecticut/CT           Dover, Delaware/DE                   Tallahassee, Florida/FL
Atlanta, Georgia/GA

Test -Oct. 24--- States 11-20--capital, abbreviation, & location---Spelling Counts!!!

Honolulu, Hawaii/HI             Boise, Idaho/ID                     Springfield, Illinois/IL
Indianapolis, Indiana/IN       Des Moines, Iowa/IA              Topeka, Kansas/KS
Frankfort, Kentucky/KY        Baton Rouge, Louisiana/LA      Augusta, Maine/MA
Annapolis, Maryland/MD

Spelling Words - (Thomas Edison)talk, awful, cloth, crawl, also, salt, wall, lawn, always, cross, law, cost, chalk, raw, soft, small, often, strawberry

Graded papers for last week:

Math : Quiz- 4's
Social Studies: Quiz: Southwest
            Southwest Map 

Spelling: (homeroom only)
 grid and test- "Kamishibai Man"   

Web sites and Youtube info:
There are  a ton of free games. Type: "Free
Multiplication or Addition Games"
App: Stack the States      $2.99

Web Sites:
                        (Owl and Mouse)
Youtube:  Nifty Fifty
                Tour the States