Mrs. Dodson's Class Newsletter  February 20-23, 2018

 Reading and Language Arts  We will continue learning about nonfiction text features: table of contents; headings;  photographs; captions; diagrams; tables; bold print; italics; index; glossary; and timelines.  We will continue learning about contractions. We will finish learning about collective nouns (groups of people, places, things, and animals). We will begin learning about singular and plural nouns. We will be learning the rules for making singular nouns plural (add -s; add-es; irregular; change y to ies; change f or fe to ves).

 Math   We will continue graphing with bar graphs, line plots, and pictographs.

 Social Studies/Science We will learning about animal habitats and animal adaptations. We will also be learning facts about Abraham Lincoln.

 Spelling Words:   We will begin learning about contractions. Examples are: won't; he's; hasn't; doesn't; I'll.

Calendar  *Please check with your child about needed supplies. Many students are without basic supplies that are used on a daily basis: glue and scissors.

Feb 23- Lovelines for yearbook are due


Mon.- No School

Tues. - Read "The Jefferson Daily News" on pages 40-42. Captions tell more about a photo.  Write down the 3 captions that are in this article.

Wed. - Read "Penguin Chick" beginning on page 211. Write the 8 key words that are in color.

Thurs. - Read "From Eggs to Frogs" on pages 410-412. Write down the 3 headings in the text. A heading is at the top of the page or at the top of a section and it tells you what you will be reading about.

Fri. -None