SCES Parents and Students, 

I am excited to be the assistant principal at Spring City Elementary, where our staff embraces and takes ownership of the academic success and emotional well being of our most precious commodity, our children. It is my belief that there is no greater task than the responsibility of protecting, nurturing, and educating our children. 

 I have been married for 32 years to Kevin Garrison and have two grown sons, Nash and Neil. I have a lovely daughter-in-law, Constance, who blessed our family with my first grand daughter, Olivia Ann. 

While here at SCES I want to continue being a part of a caring team made up of educators, parents, and community leaders who joyfully celebrate our academic success and openly face challenges together to help facilitate improvement in our students' academic achievements. 

I have lived my whole life in this community, raised my children here, and intend to make my life's work to improve opportunities for the children of Spring City.  My life's motto is that time and relationships are too precious to be wasted on nonproductive negativity, we must be courageous enough to live our life as intended by being loving, forgiving, and encouraging to one another. So let us bravely begin to work together for the betterment of OUR school and community.  

Please feel free to contact me at any time with questions or suggestions on how to best meet the needs of our children.  

Much Love,

Lesia Garrison, Assistant Principal